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Frequently Asked Questions, and Questions that NOBODY Asked.

Can I put your artworks on the blockchain?

Eat shit.

Wait this particular artwork looked like a photo. How did you do that? Are you secretly a photographer?

Some of my renders use the Cycles path tracing engine. It creates bounce lighting and other things in my scene, which gives it a realistic look at the cost of additional render time.

Your models look tasty. Can I eat them?

Be my guest. You can only eat the Croton plants once though.

Who inspired your art/music?

I have several inspirations, ranging from artists who have been dead for a while to newer internet artists. An obvious example would be Kikiyama, the creator of Yume Nikki. If I make a complete list it would take forever.

Can I use your music for my youtube video/art stream/college radio station/wedding?

Basically, yes. Most of my music is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 which pretty much means you can do whatever with it as long as I have credit. But while it's not required, I'd appreciate a heads-up beforehand, and if you're doing a primarily commercial project like a video game you should contact me first so we can discuss royalties and such. Contact me on Twitter or email me, and depending on circumstances, I might be invested in your project and happy to make original composition for you with proper compensation.

But please don't use my music if you're racist or otherwise reprehensible in a way that will require me to publish a tweet saying that I don't approve of that.

What about your art?

For most of it, just for things like Twitter icons and stuff along that line, and credited somewhere in your bio if possible. Reposting my art with the intention of getting free clout while leaving no credit is not allowed.

What made you want to start composing?

I played a bunch of videogames in the early to mid 2010's with good music and I wanted to make stuff like that. Then Sewer Rave happened, a game from the late 2010's which people say has "great music" and "bangers" and "this makes my asscheeks do a ten foot vertical leap" so I think I accomplished that.

What programs do you use?

FL Studio for music, Blender for almost everything else.

How do you distribute your music to stores?


What do you recommend for people aspiring to be artists, but haven't started for various reasons?

Look into free or accessible tools for whatever you want to make, and look into tutorials for that if applicable. Practice, but don't overextend yourself. Share it with your friends or post it online, even if you think it's shitty.

What's with all the cryptic shit in some of your songs? Why does your appearance in Sewer Rave look like that? What is the Throne? Why did you post gibberish letters and numbers to Twitter those couple of times? What???????

Vxijac :3

Why are you so sexy?

I'm not straight or cis.

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